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5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Well Being While Running A Startup

Getting a startup off the ground and running it is tough work. While the payout of watching all your efforts bear fruit is more than worth it, the grind of the startup world can wear you out mentally.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to sacrifice your mental well being to have a successful startup. Here are some ways you can take care of your mental health when the stress becomes too much so you don’t find yourself having a meltdown in the bathroom or crying into your pasta.

  • Well being kit

When things get overwhelming, it helps to have a tangible set of things you know will help you destress. It could be a bag of your favorite candy, a movie you can watch any time, a book you know helps you relax, a pair of trainers you wear while jogging or a playlist of songs that help you unwind.

  •  Meditation

Meditation is known to help people manage stress effectively. Practicing mindfulness will help you make sure you don’t get overwhelmed easily. Even ten minutes of meditation daily can improve your ability to deal with stress drastically.

  • Reading

Sometimes, all you need after a long day of stressful work is a book you can curl up with. Some light reading gives your brain a break so you can bounce back with even more energy and tackle the challenges with renewed vigor.

  • Exercise

Regular exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy body, but it also helps you deal with stress. The endorphins released during exercise lift your mood and make it easier to deal with the challenges of running a startup.  

  • Combat sports

Trying to build your way up from the ground can often get frustrating. This is where combat sports come in. A session of boxing or even some time with the punching bag can help you release your pent up frustration in a healthy way.

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