Deepti Kasbekar The Mesh Co Working Space

Deepti Kasbekar Bhardwaj

Writer. Dreamer. Storyteller . Deepti started her career as a copywriter and started The Mesh is 2014 , with the view that many people were officeless as she was. She recognized the need of a space that was independent of home and cafes and also a community that had like minded people sharing their thoughts and ideas, while building a bigger picture. Hence, was born The Mesh. Deepti takes care of The Mesh as a brand and heads and directs all marketing activities, culture and community driving at The Mesh.


Niketa Malhotra

Engineer. Grounded. Perfectionist. Niketa, and The Mesh go a long way. She started out as one of our coworkers and founder members back in 2014. Niketa comes with a background in social entrepreneurship and is very interested in measuring the impact of any activity and organization takes for its growth and betterment. A key stiffler for discipline and a great mix of brain and technology makes her a mentor for those within our team and the right person to reach out to for any form of collaboration, expansion plans

Niketa - ImpactZen


Recruiter . Go Getter. Multi-tasker . Yogiraj, comes with a creative soul and determined demeanor. Whether it’s an operational issue or a pep talk on the terrace or recruiting a new ninja for your team.

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